Friday, 11 November 2011

What if we all learned to 'read' the energy fields around people, where all the immediate information is stored?
I know this is possible to do, because, as a professional clairvoyant, I do it all the time...its a 'knowing' and receiving of information that you get when someone is standing close to you.
Mind you,....I don't do it unless I am asked to....a bit of privacy for everyone is always in order!
Most people get it to a certain degree, but if we all paid a lot more attention to our feelings by being more AWARE and 'tuned in' would certainly be very different to what it is now.
For example....someone nearby may be angry and showing it. We make an instant judgement about this situation and walk away (or get involved...depends on who you are).
But what if you stood still for a moment, closed your eyes and asked your inner self WHY this person is so angry........not with the situation right then and there,.......but the deeper source of anger that maybe is always simmering under the surface.
You know the old saying, You're never upset for the reason you think........Never a truer word was spoken!
So if we 'felt' out the situation before making a judgement, then maybe we could learn to develop a bit more compassion and think about approaching that anger with a bit of love and kindness.
Just a thought........................... (if you want to see what the clairvoyant  bit of me does :o)

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